Developing a bed bug infestation in your home can be a scary thought and every homeowner’s worst nightmare. The bugs like to hide in your room and come out while you are sleeping to feed on you. While these critters are not known to carry any diseases, the very thought of a bed bug can drive some people to paranoia. In fact, the thought of bed bugs keep some people awake for days at a time, which greatly affects their life.

There are some cases in which you might have to turn to a Boston Exterminator to get rid of bed bugs. However, you will be happy to know that in some situations there are several natural in home remedies that you can apply to get rid of bed bugs. Below, you will learn about these treatments.


Properly Washing Clothing/Fabrics


Heat is the number one killer of bed bugs and a lot of professional exterminators use heat treatments as their go-to solution. If you have any clothing, bed sheets, fabrics, or linens that have come in contact with bed bugs, you can wash them in hot water, and then dry them on a high heat setting and it will eradicate the bugs.


Vacuuming Up Bed Bugs


Once you know which areas of your home are infected, you can get rid of these bugs by vacuuming them up. Keep in mind that you want use a clean bag and empty the bag outside rather than inside the home once you are done cleaning.


 You can purchase mattress and box spring encasements at any furniture store. These items will cover your mattress and box spring, which will trap all bed bug inside and prevent them from biting you. There are now even encasements that are available for pillows as well. This will prevent bed bugs from biting your neck and face.


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